Birthday Parties

We are the ultimate choice for you if you want to host an awesome birthday party.

Have your party at Katana’s huge game room. Inside our game room is a huge 108″ big screen, four or more personal 42″ flatscreens. We have lots of games to choose from and you can choose Wii games, Playstation or X-box games. We have your favorite games which sets us apart from the arcade which is filled with games that you don’t know. Your birthday party will rock. Plus you can bring drinks and desserts and decorations. Set up your Birthday party any way you want.

We have birthday party specials too! Call and find out what discounts you can receive if you book your parity with us. Only 10$ a person!

birthday parties in tucson arizonaSee the Google Walk through of our Game Room!

                                                         Google Walk through of Katana Games Game Room

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