Today in Last Week #5

Today in Last Week, where reflection is more than just a mirror.

Red Dead Redemption won game of the year. The clear winner, everything about RDR was superior from the story, voice acting, music, setting. Truly a great game.

PSN owners can now have fun getting quests rewards, good luck hunting.

The VGA’s were last night and many trailers were shown but most importantly many release dates were given: Drakes Deception 11/1/11 Resistance 3 9/6/11 Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 11/11/111

THQ + Guillermo Del Toro= inSANE a horror adventure title.

The Mortal Kombat series next title will have a special guest appearance by none other than Kratos.

Cataclysm Dropped like an anvil, just watch out for dragons, demons, and rogue wizards.

Gran Turismo sales have ben spectacular notching over 5.5 million sales in 2 weeks, not Black Ops level but for a racer with console exclusivity huge numbers.

Cool thing Kinect can do this week, outsell the ipad not an easy feat.

In Rather sad news, the Highlander game that was garnering so much buzz has been cancelled, oh wait nobody even heard that there was a highlander game in the works, never mind.

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