Patchwork Review: Fallout: New Vegas

After roaming the capital wastelands Fallout is back but its going in a more glitzy and glamourous direction right towards New Vegas, a weird and creepy version of Las Vegas. Some of the same old shenanigans are around as well as a few new ones. Character customization is by far and away one of the best features, from the hair to the attitude and the skills you need to dominate the Mojave.

This is not a true sequel but it will inevitably be compared to Fallout 3, which is one of the greatest next generation games and those comparisons are really unfair. Some of the monsters are back, and there are some new ones all with varying degrees of annoyance. The combat, speech, and perks are all reminiscent of Fallout 3, but the story is far better with multiple endings and more freedom concerning the main story quests. Fallout 3 really failed in terms of story and New Vegas shines in that area with all the wackiness and weird wonderful encounters, every interaction can be memorable. The game also feels big, the sky is high, walking between points of interest, it feels lonely and dangerous.

The perks system can feel a bit weak considering that you only get a new perk after every other level up, and after a few of the essential perks it can feel like some of them are a real stretch. The worst part of the game is no laughing matter, it has major bug issues, crashing, flying ants. It really detracts from the overall gaming experience, so much so that it is almost worth waiting for a major patch so the bugs don’t overwhelm and detract from the whole experience. If there were no glitches then this would easily be a game of the year candidate, and it still is.

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