Today in Last Week

Today in Last Week: A review, recap, and revival of the last week in video gaming news. This particular column is a week late so the news may be old but it is in no way less interesting.

Fallout: New Vegas dropped, the reviews are mixed but the fact that people are still talking about it and finding fun new things in the harsh mojave makes for a good sign that this will be one of the best titles this season.

Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright are teaming up for a new game, together. If enough americans show interest Capcom might import this game over here, heres hoping.

Entertainment Weekly lists out twenty games that need to be movies. We all know that there is nothing more satisfying than having a movie adaptation of your favorite games series, they are all so faithful to the source material and do so well in the box office.

Happy belated birthday to Mario, he turned 25 this year. Mario always puts nintendo in a festive mood, so they announced a new red Wii bundle with New Super Mario Bros., and a red DSi XL. Mario has had his plumbing skills called into question in the past but his ability to sell video games will always be the gold standard.

Blizzcon went off this week with a torrent of announcements, including a new class for Diablo III and it wouldn’t be Blizzard if WoW wasn’t involved, there was a group raid.

Its been a bad week for Sony and PS3 fans. First it was announced that the North American PS3 version of Rock Band 3 will not be getting the coveted keyboard instrument, ever. It might seem like piling on but the delays for PS3′s most anticipated titles grows by one more as well, first there was LBP2 and GT5, Shaun White Skateboarding has had some sort of manufacturing delay. Only the PS3 version has been delayed.

The Creators of Star Wars: Force Unleashed have left Lucas Arts and formed their own brand new studio. Fearless Studio is excited to be welcomed into the gaming community with open hearts and open minds.

The Last bit of news may be a little old but if you haven’t heard it yet then it’s new. There is going to be a new T.V. Show that is user generated and audience interactive, not really all that video game related. The creative mind behind the show is Will Wright the man behind the Sims franchise. The title of the show is “Bad Karma” and will are sometime in the beginning of 2011 on Current TV.

Black Ops killstreaks in action.

America’s sweetheart Rush Limbaugh joins the side of gamers in their fight for the Fairness doctrine and what it could mean for free speech and especially censorship in video games.



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